I want to hear from you in 2024!

I want to hear from you in 2024, and I will give money to listen and fund the sharing of your work.

  • £10 First/Last Meeting. First meetings are important: I will direct your talking through my listening to discern where your values lie, what your purpose is, what you need to overcome as a minimal Ask. Book here.
  • £100 Organic Sharing. I will invest in sharing your work with others and hopefully achieve your minimal Ask.
  • £1000 Network Stimulation. I will give £1000 to help a network become self-funded.
  • £10k for folks who connect us to a content-creator who goes viral, or investor: see £10k Challenge.

Improving 2024, As It Happens

Whenever you receive this in 2024, the offer is genuine and delivered to you through a trust relationship with someone you know.

At the start of 2024, my network is thin since I have been focussed on exploring and building the right tools. Once folk get the idea and share forward, we will have a strong enough network to achieve anyone’s minimal Ask within 24 hours.

The objective is to create the first self-financed network in 2024 which grows to 100 people who are sustainably generating income equivalent to working as if in a company. But it is not a company, it is a scalable self-funded network.

The Book: Fulcrum

I’ve just finished a book, Fulcrum, which compiles my life’s work. It consists of seven system hacks to induce whole system change, one of which is how we use vector-money (Volume 3) to fund open-business practices (Volume 2). My manner in this video and your reading of this landing page employs a reflexive sensibility (Volume 1). Enjoy 🙂

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