Gathering Around A Watering Hole

The meeting began with Ray Kadamba, founder of Kadamba Community in Kenya, sharing the journey of establishing the project, emphasizing the community’s need for food security and sustainable livelihoods. He discussed his permaculture training in Uganda and the positive reception from the community upon his return. Ray highlighted the impact of permaculture techniques on the community, leading to the donation of land for a permaculture demonstration. Additionally, he described the initiative to empower widows through natural ornament-making to support children’s education, showcasing the holistic approach of the project in addressing community needs.

David Pinto and Ray Kadamba discussed the difficulties faced in the village, such as the absence of electricity and the pressing water crisis. Ray sought assistance in securing funds to establish a structure for a permaculture demonstration farm and to dig a borehole, emphasizing the critical role of water in addressing poverty and sustaining the community. The conversation also touched on the financial challenges related to education, with Ray highlighting the need for additional income through weaving natural materials to support the children’s education.

David Pinto introduced a unique strategy where people can share money forwards through his app to raise funds for specific needs, highlighting the potential global impact of this approach. Pinto also discussed the challenges in conveying this concept to others and proposed recording real-life examples to improve the effectiveness of the strategy. David and Ray also delved into a discussion about the essential support needed for community development and economic sustainability. They exchanged ideas on the potential impact of aquaculture farming in generating revenue for the community and explored an alternative economic model proposed by David.

David Pinto passionately advocated for a paradigm shift in societal relationships, emphasizing the limitations of traditional organizational structures and the need for person-to-person engagement and trust. He envisions a self-financing global network driven by collective objectives and increased money flow, aiming to create a sustainable model for long-term projects and change. Pinto stressed the importance of action and trust in achieving global transformation, challenging the status quo and calling for a new approach to economic relationships and societal change.

Action Items:

  • [DONE] Ray Kadamba will record videos and photos of the community and upload them to a shared folder on Google Drive.
  • [DONE] David Pinto will produce one version of the content, and Ray Kadamba will review the results and suggest improvements.
  • [DONE] David Pinto will create the first version of the website by the weekend, and Ray Kadamba will start thinking about recording people and providing photos of the community for the website.
  • [DONE] David Pinto needs to have Ray Kadamba’s email in order to invite him to share a folder and upload content for the website.
  • [DONE] David Pinto will invite Ray Kadamba to a reading group for his book and discuss the Deep Transformation Network.
  • David Pinto will write up meeting and share publically and invite people to share it forward.
  • Please share this forward!