A sensitive way of sharing Poems, and financing poets!

  • Read the poem contained in the card Description.
  • Value & comment: reflect on the poem, or add your own poem — related to the poem topic.
  • Share it forward to someone think may appreciate the poem, and whose reflection you would like to read.

All credits are locked to the poem. When Unlocked, all revenue generated is given to the best Reflections — your poem if you include it in the your comment/reflection.


Time is… by Henry van Dyke (1852-1993)

“Time is.
Too slow for those who Wait,
Too swift for those who Fear,
Too long for those who Grieve,
Too short for those who Rejoice,
But for those who Love,
Time is not.”

—Henry van Dyke, poet (1852-1933).

Product is locked. All revenue generated through sharing goes to best reflections given in comments (which might include your or other famous poems about time).

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