What HealingEdu.org does 

The Foundation for Family and Community Healing (FFCH; www.HealingEdu.org) provides skill development courses to foster flourishing and mental, emotional, and social resilience in youth and adults. 

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Who This is For 

Our platform helps you, your employees, students, and/or community members (either as individuals, pairs, or groups) to develop the knowledge and skills you need to to change your lives.

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Why Share Through Sqale?

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Meet Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert

Dr. Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert, MAPP, PhD is a nonprofit social entrepreneur whose dream to create a future where all of humanity and Earth thrive together. After a 26 year career in higher education, Susanna had a divine inspiration to start the Foundation for Family and Community Healing to bring resilience education to the world in a time of deepening crisis. Get in touch with Susanna.