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Hi, I’m David, author of Fulcrum: Generational World Transformation. It is my life’s work.

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“Give me a lever long enough, and I shall move the world.” Archimedes

Imagine a simple fulcrum and lever: a wooden block with a plank across it. When the fulcrum is placed next to a heavy rock, say, and a small part of the wooden plank is wedged under the rock, a small pressure at the other end of the plank can lift the rock. The principle of leverage: a small force can generate a large force around a fulcrum.

The term ‘leverage’ has been used socially. Quoting famous people leverages credibility, my use of Archimedes and naming this book Fulcrum for example. However, there are limits. Just as in the real world example the rock may be too heavy and the plank snap, so there are limits to our psychological equivalent. Unlike discrete objects like planks of wood, our individual psychology extend beyond our person and merge with our social existence, affording us far greater internal integrity and collective cohesion.

Let us put this to the test.

This book is the Fulcrum. The entire readership is the wooden plank. The world is our social world.

Take your time and reflect on this image while reading. The content of this book is structured to allow readers to apply their individual force, their singular and diverse thought and action, to change the collective course of world history. If you hold this precious possibility clearly in your mind and know it to be true in your heart, jump now to the Induction at the back of the book and read your way to the front.

Aware of the overwhelming evidence in the world, your knowledge of history and your personal experience that significant change is difficult if not impossible, continue reading normally from front to back. At some point, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you are the fulcrum around which the world turns.

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Volume 3 – Economics

Ecosquared is an alternative economic which is accessible through the Sqale platform. It combines vector-money with gratitude-tracking to create social accountability through high trust networks. By stripping money of the illusion that it goes backwards (for the supply chain who provided product, service or experience), our collaborative intentions are made transparent, our relationships are enlivened and we prevent our children becoming cogs in the machine.

Learn how the politics of rapid, positive social change is empowered with this ‘value’, ‘gift’, ‘network’, ‘instant’, ‘collaborative’ , ‘organic’, or ‘experience’ economic.

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Volume 2 – Business

The Action Cycle creates a self-financed network which funds participants to align, commit and achieve ‘beyond-realistic’ objectives over unfeasibly short time periods. Instead of collaboration between organisations, Open Business practices improve collaboration between individuals who use the resources available in their relative organisations and networks.

Learn how to create and participate in Action Cycles to generate revenue doing what we love.

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Volume 1 – Social Science

In academia, the practice of Reflexive Reading establishes a reciprocal Psycho-Social Science based on the contingent relationality of the readership by verifying the actual experience of reading. This practices has the power to transform all representational media which gives rise to new forms of novels, films, games to invigorate culture locally.

Learn how to vitalise our use of text and all other representational media.

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Volume 0 – Politico-Religious

StrategOS is a decentralised operating system to collectively strategise social cohesion across local and global scales. Over the centuries, we have self-organised representational hierarchies for our religious, political, academic and financial institutions at the cost of actual familial and tribal relations. Fathoming an unconditional sense of belonging furthers a distributed social union, effecting a social-psyche revolution: Intrabeing: we are one of all of us.

Enact a sense of belonging in our spiritual state and together realise political union.

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Volume -1 – Mathematics

Mathematical methods have either evolved with the science of objects, or derived from pure, symbolic, rule-based manipulation. XQ explores a cognitive mathematics better suited for education, therapy, and psycho-social dynamics. Although a possible accelerant for generalised AI, the supposition of 1n for social dimensionality may lead to general field equations for psycho-social dynamics to aid exponential increase in social cohesion from local to global scale.

Conduct simple thought-experiments which provide insight into why traditional maths taught in schools only appeals to a minority of people.

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Volume -2 – Education

In education, ABC State and Classroom Coordinators help young people learn self-discipline through social- responsibility. Instead of following a ‘consequence procedure’ of punitive action against the individual, ABC State and other Educere techniques help students and teachers develop their soft skills to mutually generate a healthy social environment. This sets a foundational experience for decentralising regulation of social behaviour, which in turn may permeate and influence hierarchies in traditional, adult organisations.

Learn the simple structure which empowers students to collectively determine a positive learning relationship with their teachers.

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Volume -3 – Entertainment

In entertainment, experience the fantastical psycho-fictional sandbox of Seed Crystals, a testbed for our psychological and social experimentation. Explore the Mirror Mosaic which immersively reflects ourselves in a magico-real blend, stories we tell ourselves to improve our social health, amongst ourselves and with AI.

Co-author inclusive stories which merge the imaginary and the real.

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Imagine a simple fulcrum and lever and object. Transpose this to the book, your conscious attention, and a social object which appears immovable or impossible. When considering the social object while reading this book, and placing your attention on a practice, the small pressure of the intention of your mind can shift the social object in your mind. We use this principle of leverage psychologically: a small intent can generate significant motivation around a fulcrum of thought.

Simultaneously, this principle operates socially: with enough people, a small alteration in practice can generate significant social effect. The entire readership over a generation is the lever, the world is our social world.

The content of this book is structured to allow readers to apply their individual force, their singular and diverse thought and action, to change the collective course of world history in a generation. Take your time to leverage this thought fully while reading.

The spatial metaphor of subconscious depth and social construct height is transposed to the temporal reality of our psycho-social reality: the preconscious of the moving moment of now and the postconscious momentum of our collective behaviour. Instead of depths of spirit to plunge as if requiring us to hold our breath as we submerge ourselves into subconscious psychology, we simply attend lightly to the movement of breath as it happens. A simple thing in the moment, requiring less effort not more. Instead of constructing social institutions as if climbing mountain-like edifices or shifting fundamental foundations beneath our feet, merely a small action midstream in the passing of time so alters the course of our social river. A simple thing, in concert, a matter of timing together whether three or three billion of us.

So the Fulcrum is de-spatialised, becomes temporalised. The time it takes to read this sentence, this book. The consequential actions by readers over a generation. A temporal fulcrum around which humanity may turn itself. A revolution as we right ourselves from the traditional trajectory to destruction, externalities, mechanisation and automation; catching our fall and returning humanity to our nature, our singular and unique reflexive wonder within and of our social and organic environment. Simple, light, effortless. Notice: not the book, the inert markings on page or screen, nor the amassing of knowledge or expertise. Not this book or any other book or collection of words. Simply the enlivening moment of reading, itself an action. The implicit relationality realised through unilateral trial of relational practices and tested through social validation in the real world. The action in every reading, every direct and indirect consequential social relation. The zeroing of social distance is purely a process in time, within the self-same momentary psychology and our concurrent social manifestation.

Fulcrum is the unique period of future-history we make for ourselves, transforming traditional civilisation to a humbled network of humanity, a global renaissance and enlightenment. After the Fulcrum, a period of transition as our human balance rights ecological balance, and subsequent generational and organic transmission routes whatever virtual and astral journeys we may conceive and have courage to fulfill.

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Workshops for the practices will be delivered throughout the year to generate the first self-financed network in the world: where people have income comparable to traditional work, but instead of working for a company or solo, we are working within a self-evaluating and self-organising network (Volume 2-2).

Launch Party

By realising our receptive state while reading, listening or watching with psycho-socially sensitive math (Volume 1-1), can enough of us gather to kickstart a world transformation? Join us at the Launch Party and share forward Fulcrum and other content. (Get in touch if you are a content-creator who wishes to launch with us.)

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