We’ll give you the “finder’s fee” for connecting us to content-creators or investors.

Change the World.

Sqale operates a pay-it-forward economic.

Once we get a viral, everyone will want to use Sqale to share high quality content and generate revenue.

We’re looking for the first usecase that breaks £100k!

Organic Sharing.

Share your favourite content, stand-out track of music or video or game or article or cause, and generate revenue for the content-creator simultaneously.

Sqale will show your influence, who is sharing and how much revenue is generated.

Warm Onboarding

Users register because of personal recommendation, and share because of a call to action from content-creators.

Generate Revenue

Sqale combines sales & marketing into a single user action — organic sharing.

Elegant UX

Sqale has a clean, minimal, and intuitive design that anyone can adopt.

How You Win The £10k Challenge.

We will share the ‘finder’s fee’ of £10,000 to the chain of people who connect us with content-creators who go viral and raise £100k, or investors who invest £100k.

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