Seeding the World’s First Self-Financed Network

Who is going to create the world’s first Self-Financed Network?

Like a company, but not. Generating enough money for its members to be equivalent to regular income, but instead of working for a company we are working for one another.

Want to be part of this? Then share it forward to a friend 🙂

Initial Seed Phase

I am sharing this with two groups: Mary as part of Theadora Ghana who are helping with my book Fulcrum, and Kathryn who wishes to share her Regenerative Leadership course.

I shall invite meeting members to this page. We can experiment with valuing and commenting, and supporting the group. They can look at the content and video before or after or perhaps during the meeting. Kathryn might come up with an activity we can do, otherwise we can take turns to state briefly a global problem and a personal problem which is preventing them from taking the next step in their life, and then we can offer reflections; we can then gratitude-track and comment, and repeat support to see how support is distributed according to our values.

Extracts from the recorded meetings will be added here, to replace my solo appeal, with the best going to the top of the page. There may also be offshoot posts, for example what Mary is trying to do with Theadora and Kathryn with Regenerative Leadership. We will create cards on Sqale which support their page. We did a back-of-the-envelope calculation, and I plan to invest $125 in Kathryn’s first seed session.

Seedling Phase

Is the content good enough? If so, participants share it forward which creates a root for new people to participate and visit this site.

You may want to get in touch through the CONTACT form if you want to take part: to add your original content to (like myself as an author sharing my book Fulcrum), offer your course or service (like Mary or Kathryn), or request help for a need (such as new clients, or a job, or job spec for an employee).

By sharing forward, with the credits given to them on Sqale ($5 I’m thinking), this creates linear sharing. If you think it is worth your own money, convert (your $5) traditional-money into credits and share with a second person. This does two things: it creates another root and a shoot. As we know, once a plant has a leaf, it can start converting energy from the sun. In our case, we have increased moneyflow. So, sharing with more than one person increases distribution and generates revenue. All the money for this is going outwards, to the next person.

The only people who turn up here are through organic sharing (though people might come across it through the homepage of this site, or on the Sqale site if it appears on the global offers list).

After doing Kathryn’s first session, I will be using my $125 to share with someone who might appreciate her course. When they turn up with my $125 they must make a similar decision, to share it forward to someone who they think might like it, and if they think it good enough to equal the amount with their own $125 to share with a second person. In this way, the number of people double, as does the amount of money.

Sapling Phase

At some point, Kathryn might ask for some cash to enable her to provide a second event, perhaps two or more sessions spread over a week, but only once there are enough people who actually enjoy and value her first session. And so it grows based on value generated. No marketing, no advertising, pure person-to-person recommendation.

For this page here, I will encourage everyone to support the project. Because it is set to everyone who visits this page, the credits are distributed to everyone who has visited this page. I will invite active players to meetings online, and we will offer our services to others, recording their needs and offerings, and sharing through, or finding an originator whose content goes viral, or a low level investor to put the final touches to the Sqale platform. By thanking one another, the credits supported should end up with those who have contributed the most, according to people’s evaluation.

Tree Phase

Can Kathryn, or Mary, or myself, or you, sustainably generate enough moneyflow to be equivalent to working for a company? If so, our project has become a tree. Although there has been moneyflow before, I think generating the equivalent of a company establishes it as the world’s first self-financed network.

There are plenty of off-shoots, cross-pollination between projects, moneyflow generated from subsequent services and products created by participants. And at some stage it phases into a Forest, an ecological economic for our psycho-social wellbeing.

Two previous attempts have been attempted in the world as Open Business Experiences, Blackpool and Scarborough, two economically depressed cities in the UK.

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