Invitational Journey

How do we approach people in a market environment, and invite them to the non-market moneyflow within Open Meeting?

0. Prepare

Become aware of the challenge, prepare materials, develop knowledge and skills, hone a positive intention.

We get caught in the crossfire of sales and marketing. People are either traumatised as customers bombarded by sales offers, or are belligerent and time-poor in their domination in the market.


Be ready for transformation at every step.

  1. Approach & Contact

Respond to people's material on social media, their posts and comments. All genuine. And write your own. All of this is output.

In sales-dense environments like Linkedin, all content is clickbait, their objective is to get people to interact. By responding, you are in their 'sales funnel'.


When they respond...

2. Engage & Invite

Because you are still within the 'marketplace' of traditional economics, there may be confusion in your engagement. You are in their 'sales funnel', and they may be incredibly wary they are being sold to. Engage authentically until they appreciate they need to try it and see for themselves.


Invite to an Open Meeting and once they join...

3. Welcome &'Open'

The equivalent to 'closing' a sale, is 'opening' a share. In Open Business practice, this means that a person agrees to share forwards content, or an invite. By matching the amount shared with them, this creates a financial viral.


There are various techniques to support the close/open which you can learn, or you can entrust a friend who might be better; see Serious Pitch.

4. Fellowship

Our primary Players are salespeople who utilise the sharp edge that Sqale offers in the market, and soft-skilled facilitators and life-coaches to network their warm relationships. Our Partners include content-creators who want to generate revenue, or revenue or bonus distribution by HR. And Investors will see their £10k turn into £200k once hockey-stick growth achieves 100k members. Together we generate a business viral on  Sqale's network-economic. Welcome to the Fellowship.


Transformation with every meeting.

Business Threshold

It is almost impossible to get across the ideas and practices of Open Business while still operating within traditional economic and business environments. Like talking about breathing to a fish. Ask the co-founder of Sqale. He was a professional teacher, a science explainer, and he could explain complex algebra to adolescents. However, after a decade of his and other people's attempts to explain, it became evident the only way to learn about the alternative economic is by trying it, and no amount of explaining traditional terms will help. Every interaction, every technique and tool, every intervention is aimed at fulfilling the promise of Open Business, achieving authentic social validation.

The Invitation

However it is done, the person new to Open Business joins. It is up to everyone to make that experience as meaningful as possible, from the world premiere of their entering the network economic, to their first Open Meeting, and their first 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the inviter to get it right, and they should count on everyone's help to get social validation.

The invitation may be through logic, conceptual agreement, resonant values or mutual objective. However it is conducted, it is personal and essentially relational.

Most Important Person

Unlike the VIP in traditional business, the MIP is the most recently invited. We need to generate social validation for them immediately, within an hour, within 24 hours, within a week. We must go out of our way to generate social validation for new people to prove the business case.

No Probability

There is no probability to this. No 'what will Joe Bloggs do?'  It is precisely what each one of us does now. We determine our future. If the personal action of the individual to share which determines the viral success, supported by the faith that we have that the people we share with 'get it' and also appreciate and exercise their sharing power.

Viral Partners

Can we create a viral for the Open Business Practices themselves? If we can package the experience as precisely as traditional protocols of 'buy-sell' or 'shopping', we generate a viral for the business practices themselves. Which means that the offshoots will be whatever content, services or experiences are shared via the Sqale webapp. 


Three kinds of partner will help us go viral: salespeople, connectors, and mavens, specifically life-coaches and facilitators. We need to go toe-to-toe with hard-edged salesfolk and show how organic sharing is more powerful than their traditional tools. Connectors who connect with other connectors will create a mycelium network funded by gratitude and Social Neurons operating across them. And a network of life-coaches and facilitators can provide social validation for individuals and groups, the beginning of a complex, organic, financial ecosystem to contrast the traditional landscape of companies, charities, etc.

Is the Invitational Protocol  a business viral?