About us

We are developing ways of doing business together based on the economic functions offered by Sqale, the gift economic.

Whatever is shared with you the first time, enjoy your world premiere of Sqale - and remember to thank who shared with you!


Whatever you think money is, we've got something different. It's not based on exchange. It's based on intention, and is essentially relational.


It's not about learning anything new. It is about unlearning what we already know and coming to terms with what comes naturally to us. 


We are learning how to empower ourselves. We are not consumers in a market. We are authentic people aligning to mutual objectives, getting the job done, with a supportive economic to ensure it is sustainable financially and relationally. We've got your back.

Change the World

Every person who is invited to Sqale is changing the world. What we do with Sqale will determine whether humanity has a future in the 3rd millennium.

We are people like you.


There is no 'mission statement'. Each of us works on what we want, think and feel as we do. We work together to achieve mutual goals. Sqale may enable us to scale from small teams to huge networks. It may take us a couple of decades to learn how to self-organise a sustainable economic globally. That's not a mission. That's an outcome.


Commit to what you believe is right. Ask help to overcome problems and conditions you can not overcome alone. Your perspective and your contribution is unique. It might be extraordinary or ordinary. We need to be ready to acknowledge who amongst us we should be listening to, whether that's in a meeting with a handful of people, a conference with 20,000 delegates, or an international summit. To get there, we need to improve our listening, not our talking. 

Sound good?

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